NEWSWATCH: “Factbox: Main Decisions of NATO’s Warsaw Summit” – Reuters

Patriot Missile Launch file photo

* NATO agreed to deploy military forces to the Baltic states and eastern Poland from January 2017 to deter Russia, a response to Moscow’s 2014 seizure of Crimea from Ukraine. … four battalions totaling between 3,000 and 4,000 troops will be led by Britain in Estonia, the United States in Poland, Canada in Latvia and Germany in Lithuania.

* NATO took command of a U.S.-built missile shield in Europe to defend against ballistic missiles from Iran.

* … fund Afghan security forces … troops in Afghanistan ….

* EU military mission off the Libyan coast to crack down on smugglers ….

* NATO and [EU] … cooperation pact … ranging from maritime patrols to preventing possible Russian cyber attacks

* … Ukraine crisis … further support to help Kiev modernize its armed forces

* … Britain … parliamentary vote … on Britain’s nuclear deterrent ….

* … NATO … mixture of conventional and nuclear forces, indirectly warning Russia that the alliance’s capabilities were far greater than those of any adversary

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