NEWSLINK: “The DNC: Swimming In Malware But Never Once Targeted” – Medium/ Jeffrey Carr

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“… As I and other cybersecurity researchers have pointed out, malware is shared. The concept of ‘exclusive use’ is an unsubstantiated myth. The differences in how the DNC and Joint Staff networks were breached versus the White House and State Department suggest an alternative theory that makes more sense; i.e., that malware developed by Russian-speaking hackers for use by the Russian government found its way into the hands of cyber criminals who for years have been breaching international corporations, organizations, and agencies for the purpose of acquiring and selling IP for money. Alternatively, malware developers employed by a Russian government research lab may be doing some moonlighting on the side, which still would make the DNC breach something other than a deliberate act by the Russian government. Too bad there’s no way to tell for sure what the initial infection vector was for Cozy Bear or Fancy Bear because the emails were never found. Or that the DNC refused to let the FBI examine their servers first-hand. Or that neither the House nor Senate Committees investigating Russian election interference, nor the FBI, thought it necessary to interview Robert Johnston, the former Crowdstrike Principal Consultant who did the actual work at both the DNC and the Joint Staff breaches. …”