New Orthodox Journal “The Wheel”

The Wheel magazine cover

Subject: new Orthodox journal The Wheel
Date: Fri, 3 Apr 2015
From: Andrei Zolotov (

I would like to forward to you information about a pretty amazing new project – an English-language journal of Orthodox Christian thought, The Wheel, that has been put together by my friends. It seems to me The Wheel, and in particular its first issue on the topic of Orthodox identity could be of interest to many of JRL subscribers, despite the fact that the journal is not meant to deal with specifically Russian issues. Moreover, I think some of the JRL subscribers can become potential contributors of articles and subscribers to The Wheel.

The letter from the managing editor of The Wheel, Inga Leonova, is below:

We’d like to introduce a new journal, The Wheel.

The Wheel is a journal of Orthodox Christian thought. Its mission is to articulate the Gospel in and for the contemporary world. By embracing contributions on Orthodox theology, spirituality, and liturgical arts alongside serious engagements with the challenges of contemporary political ideologies, empirical science, and cultural modernism, The Wheel aims to move beyond the polarizations of much current debate in the Orthodox Church.

The journal is intended to be of general interest to a wide circle of readers. It will appear on a quarterly basis in both printed and electronic formats, along with an accompanying website.

Our first issue considers the question of Orthodox identity. What do works of art and the lives of the saints tell us about living as a modern Orthodox Christian? How do the realities of Christian participation in public dialogue square with the Church’s contemporary understanding of its mission in the world?

Feel free to share this link with anyone you think will be interested.

We hope you enjoy this preview and we invite your thoughts – on the articles, the overall mission of The Wheel, and ideas for future contributors or topics. We would be most grateful if you could also consider supporting The Wheel financially, as we are currently raising funds for the initial print edition. Please let us know if this is something you would be open to discussing further.

We look forward to hearing from you soon, and we thank you.

Inga Leonova
Managing Editor