Moscow faces coldest winter in decades

File Photo of Moscow In Snowy Winter Showing St. Basil's At Night in Snowfall, with People on the Ground in the Distance

(Moscow News – –  Alina Lobzina – Dec. 5, 2012)

Muscovites are to brace for the coldest winter in 20 years, a weather forecast service warned on Wednesday.

“It will be like in the good old times ­ snowy and frosty, with no deviations,” a representative of the Fobos weather center told RIA Novosti.

Winter seasons when Muscovites wade through the rain and slush are not typical for Moscow’s climate, the expert said. This time temperatures are to stay within the norm, he added.

Moscow’s coldest winter was registered in 1940 when the temperature plunged to -42 degrees Celsius in January. The warmest winter was in 2008, when in December thermometers showed almost +10 degrees Celsius.