Khodorkovsky says could have committed suicide if had known he would be imprisoned

Mikhail Khodorkovsky file photo

(Interfax – MOSCOW, June 24, 2013) Former Yukos CEO Mikhail Khodorkovsky, who will turn fifty in several days, said he would have committed suicide by shooting himself if he had known what was in store for him after his arrest in Novosibirsk ten years ago.

Responding to a question from The New Times as to what he would have done if he had known what would happen in the following ten years, Khodorkovsky said: “I’m afraid I would have shot myself. My current experience would have been a shock to the man I was then.”

When asked to sum up the main results of his life before his upcoming 50th anniversary, Khodorkovsky said he has “a wonderful family: four children, a granddaughter, parents, and the wife I have loved for one-fourth of a century.”

“It’s a huge plus,” he said.

“A lot of things have happened, including things I am proud of and things I am ashamed of. Our views change over time: what was important stops being important, and vice versaa(euro) The main thing is that my life was eventful. I have things to remember,” Khodorkovsky said.