JRL NEWSWATCH: “Where Does NATO Enlargement End?” – Creators.com/ Patrick Buchanan

NATO Meeting File Photo

“… NATO … Article 5 war guarantees … oblige the United States to wage war against Russia to restore … [the] sovereignty and territorial integrity [of NATO allies] if [they are] attacked. … Why would we commit to risk war with a nuclear-armed Russia on behalf of nations no one has ever regarded as vital interests of the United States  …? … [A]fter 1991[] [there have been 14 new alliance members] … Czechia, Globe Highlighting NATO MembersSlovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Albania, Croatia, Montenegro and North Macedonia. Today, we defend 29 nations, stretching far into Eastern Europe[] … [and] further NATO expansion may be [coming,] …. [e.g.,] Georgia and Ukraine …. Sweden and Finland[] are talking of abandoning their traditional neutrality for NATO …. Bosnia and Herzegovina is also a candidate ….”

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