JRL NEWSWATCH VIDEO: “National Security Adviser John Bolton on ‘Face the Nation,’ July 1, 2018” – CBS

File Photo of John Bolton Raising Hand at United Nations, with United States Nameplate on Desktop in Front, adapted from image at state.gov

“… There are possibilities for … a larger negotiation on … get[ting] Iranian forces out  [of Syria] …. * * * [T]he Russians are always saying to us they want to cooperate on international terrorism …. * * * I had meetings … with … Putin and his foreign minister … defense minister and … diplomatic adviser … the [U.S.] election meddling issue was definitely something we talked about. … * * * … [regarding Ukraine and Crimea] my response was we’re going to have to agree to disagree on Ukraine.  * * * NATO’s the most successful political military alliance in history. But if core members including Germany aren’t willing to spend what’s necessary for their own self-defense, what are we to make of that? …. What is the depth of European commitment * * * There’ll be a lot of discussion. There was discussion this past week at the European Council about the EU position on Ukraine. … I want to come back to the question of NATO ‘s effectiveness. … The president wants a strong NATO…..”

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