JRL NEWSWATCH: “Ukraine is at great risk of its front lines collapsing” – Politico

Map of Ukraine, Including Crimea, and Neighbors, Including Russia

“According to high-ranking Ukrainian officers, the military picture is grim and Russian generals could find success wherever they decide to focus their upcoming offensive.”

“… Europe … is trying to help Ukraine make up for its colossal disadvantage in artillery shells. … [A] proposed Czech-led bulk artillery ammunition purchase could bring Ukraine’s total from both within and outside the EU to around 1.5 million rounds at a cost of $3.3 billion … still short of what it needs. [Ukrainian] officers emphasized that they need many, many more men …[lacking] enough men on the front lines … compounding the problem of underwhelming Western support. … Ukraine has yet to pull the trigger on recruitment ahead of the expected Russian push … [A]uthorities are worried about the political fallout mobilization measures might bring amid draft-dodging and avoidance of conscription papers. [Former Ukrainian top military commander] Zaluzhny … already publicly called for … more troops back in December, estimating Ukraine needed at least an additional 500,000 …. The draft issue has gone back and forth ever since. … [L]ast week, … Syrsky — Zaluzhny’s replacement — abruptly announced that Ukraine might not need quite so many …. After a review … the figure has been ‘significantly reduced,’ and ‘we expect that we will have enough …’ …. The plan is to move as many desk-bound uniformed personnel and those in noncombat roles to the front lines as possible, after … intensive three- to four-month training. …”

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