JRL NEWSWATCH: “Ukraine cracks down on ‘traitors’ helping Russian troops” – AP

Map of Ukraine, Including Crimea, and Neighbors, Including Russia

“… nearly 400 … in the Kharkiv region alone … have been detained under anti-collaboration laws enacted … after Russia’s Feb. 24 invasion[] … [imposing] up to 15 years in prison for collaborating with Russian forces, making public denials about Russian aggression or supporting [the Kremlin]. Anyone whose actions result in deaths could face life in prison. … Political analysts say the invasion and … brutality by Russian troops against civilians have turned off many Moscow sympathizers[] … [but] many … remain. ‘Russian propaganda took deep roots … [M]any residents of the east … watch[ing] Russian TV … believe absurd claims that it’s Ukrainians … shelling them and other myths,’ Volodymyr Fesenko of the Penta Center think tank [said] …. ‘Naturally, Ukrainian authorities in the southeast … afraid of getting stabbed in the back … are forced to tighten security measures.’ …”

Click here for: “Ukraine cracks down on ‘traitors’ helping Russian troops” – AP/ Mystyslav Chernov, Yuras Karmanau, Vasilisa Stepanenko, Jamey Keaten