JRL NEWSWATCH: “U.S., Russia Hold High-Stakes Talks on Ukraine” – AFP

Map of Commonwealth of Independent States, European Portion

“… [H]igh-stakes negotiations come amid fears of a Russian invasion of … pro-Western … Ukraine … with Moscow demanding wide-ranging concessions from Washington and … Sergei Ryabkov file photoNATO …. Monday’s [Geneva] talks … launch[ed] a week of diplomacy … after Moscow amassed tens of thousands of troops at the Ukrainian border …. RIA Novosti on Monday quoted [Sergei] Ryabkov saying he feared Washington was not taking seriously Moscow’s demand … [to] end … NATO’s eastward expansion. … [Wendy] Sherman said on Twitter that … ‘The U.S. will listen to Russia’s concerns and share our own, but … will not discuss European security without our allies and partners’ …. Wendy Sherman file photo, adapted from image at state.govNATO chief Jens Stoltenberg said Monday that [NATO] would be warning Russia of … ‘severe costs’ of an invasion. …”

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