JRL NEWSWATCH: “The U.S. Can Win Over Russia’s Neighbors” – WSJ

“Central Asia is also vital for America’s rivalry with China.”

“… Putin’s war against Ukraine has provided the U.S. … a critical opportunity to diminish Russia’s influence over its neighbors …. The peoples of Central Asia and the Caucasus support Ukraine’s struggle. They remember the conquest by their former imperial masters, the czars and communists. … [including] forced Russification and collectivization of agriculture. Today, many of these countries refuse to back Russia openly and support Ukraine’s territorial integrity …. [but] still are intimidated by their nuclear-armed ex-master. … The U.S. needs to … step in and provide a geopolitical alternative to [Russia] and [China][,] [and] should offer … countries of the Caucasus and Central Asia security and intelligence cooperation, investment, educational opportunities, technical assistance to promote transparency, good governance, legal reforms, and training for private-sector executives and the state apparatus. …”

Click here for: “The U.S. Can Win Over Russia’s Neighbors; Central Asia is also vital for America’s rivalry with China” – Wall Street Journal/ Ariel Cohen

Map of Commonwealth of Independent States, European Portion

Map of CIS Central Asia and Environs