JRL NEWSWATCH: “The right way to sanction Putin’s Russia” – Reuters/William Courtney

File Photo of Mikhail Gorbachev and Ronald Reagan at Table Signing Documents

“The United States and … allies are increasingly frustrated over malign activities by Russia. Moscow wages war in Ukraine, abets brutality in Syria, interferes in elections, and poisons opponents. … Washington has imposed sanctions and closed Russian consulates … and vacation estates in Maryland and New York, all believed to be used by … Putin’s government for intelligence purposes. This week the U.S. unveiled new sanctions … expected to impose even more …. Choosing sanctions requires care. … penalize Russia for misbehavior, such as by restricting access to Western finance and energy technology, but [do] not to isolate Russians, such as by limiting … ‘people-to-people’ ties or political dialogue …. * * * In the early 1980s, despite … Afghanistan, Soviet intimidation of Poland, and … the Soviet shootdown of a Korean Airlines aircraft … Reagan did not seek to isolate the USSR. He made it pay a price … but also proposed negotiations to eliminate intermediate-range nuclear forces and slash long-range nuclear weaponry. …”

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