JRL NEWSWATCH: “Russia’s ‘miraculous’ coronavirus death statistics face scepticism” – The Times (UK)

Medical Symbol with Pole, Serpents, Wings, adapted from image at lanl.gov

“… [Its] mayor surprised [Moscow] … lifting the vast majority of coronavirus curbs …. even as the city registered more than 3,500 new cases and 110 deaths in the past 48 hours. … Since … suspected patient zero arrived in Moscow from Milan in February, the health ministry has recorded over 485,000 confirmed cases … third highest in the world after the United States and Brazil. Yet … Russia says only 6,142 people have been killed by the virus, a fatality rate … barely above 1 per cent, far below the global average of about 6 per cent. … [O]fficial figures have triggered inevitable allegations that Covid-19 fatalities have been under-reported, either deliberately or because of flaws in the way Russia registers deaths from the virus. Doctors and academics have been among those speaking out the loudest. …”

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