JRL NEWSWATCH: “Russia isn’t ashamed of Ukraine war, says Lavrov” – The Times (UK)

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“Russia[n] foreign minister [Lavrov] has claimed that Russia ‘didn’t invade Ukraine’ and … that the nation is not ‘squeaky clean’ and is not ashamed of showing its true nature. … [Said Lavrov,] ‘We declared a special military operation because we had absolutely no other way of explaining to the West that dragging Ukraine into Nato was a criminal act.’ … Russia has … attempted to justify its ‘special military operation’ as ‘liberating’ Ukraine from Nazis. It … denied it was planning an invasion before its troops entered the country … [The Kremlin] has claimed that its forces have not targeted civilians, despite mounting evidence to the contrary. [Confronted with UN accusations about specific Russian atrocities, Lavrov argued that the UN was under Western pressure to spread fake news.] … Admiral Sir Tony Radakin, [head of British armed forces,] said … Russia had already ‘strategically lost’ the conflict. … [In addition to NATO expanding and getting stronger as a result,] ‘… Russia has vulnerabilities because it’s running out of people, it’s running out of high-tech missiles’ …. Radakin noted that Putin had lost 25 per cent of Russia’s land power for only “tiny” gains. …”

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