JRL NEWSWATCH: “Punishing Russians Won’t End the Ukraine War” -Washington Post

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“… Economic boycotts … are one way for democratic governments to demonstrate … opposition to tyranny and military aggression without … having to go to war. They also represent an effort to turn people against their autocratic leaders. Some European politicians have claimed that stopping Russians from travel[]ing to Europe will encourage them to demand an end to the war. Punishing oligarchs by seizing … yachts and freezing … foreign bank accounts is intended in part to encourage an elite backlash against Putin. … [E]conomic punishment almost never has the desired effect of bringing down a tyran[t] or stopping violent aggression. The Iranian theocracy, widely disliked …, has not relaxed its grip despite years of economic isolation. Similarly, there is no sign … Putin’s autocratic power is waning. …”

Click here for: “Punishing Russians Won’t End the Ukraine War” -Washington Post/ Bloomberg/ Ian Buruma