JRL NEWSWATCH: “Is Russia high on war crimes?” – The Hill

Kremlin and River

“… the bombing of the theater and hospital in Mariupol … the destruction of Severodonetsk, Lysychansk and Kharkiv … mass executions in Irpin and Bucha … daily rapes[;] [t]he bombing of the shopping mall in Kremenchuk and the city center in Vinnytsia[] … the destruction of over 50 Ukrainian POWs and the online castration of a soldier […] Don’t the Russians ever tire of committing atrocities? Evidently not. … [O]ne has the distinct impression … [of] purposeful glee[;] perhaps … brutality offers them … psycho-cultural satisfaction … to thumb their noses at the West and assert their sense of historical uniqueness and righteousness. … The only way to stop Russians’ love affair with killing Ukrainians is to deprive them of [that] ability …. Peace treaties and ceasefires won’t stop Putin and his narod …. Only a humiliating and thorough military defeat will.”

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Is Russia high on war crimes?