JRL NEWSWATCH: “How is Putin able to remove popularly elected governors?” – Meduza

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“… Putin and … Medvedev (… [as] president) have dismissed … 11 governors prior to Furgal. Article 19 of the federal law ‘On the general principles of organization of legislative (representative) and executive bodies of state power’ gives the head of state this right. … in particular situations … [for] inadequate performance of duties and loss of confidence. While the law doesn’t specify what ‘inadequate performance of duties’ means, there is a specific description of what constitutes ‘loss of confidence:’ … detection of corruption[;] … identification of a conflict of interest[;] … possession of foreign bank accounts and foreign securities … when … already registered as a candidate …. [T]he law provides for a procedure that … allows for a governor suspected of a serious crime to be removed … but … doesn’t come off as … punishment for something that has yet to be proven. On the recommendation of the Attorney General, the president can temporarily remove a regional head … for the duration of an investigation. …”

Click here for: “How is Putin able to remove popularly elected governors?” – Meduza/ Dmitry Kartsev, Translation by Eilish Harta