JRL NEWSWATCH: “[U.S.] Election Spotlight: Russia [– Trump vs. Biden]” – Council on Foreign Relations

Multilingual Polling Place Sign from U.S. Election Polling Place

“In the wake of Western efforts to develop a cooperative post–Cold War relationship with Russia, the country has reemerged as a top U.S. rival and an object of mistrust and suspicion. …
* * *
Donald J. Trump (R – Incumbent) Trump has cultivated cordial relations with … Putin and dismissed accusations that his campaign cooperated with Moscow’s interference in the 2016 U.S. election. He has argued for closer cooperation with Russia while … bending to congressional pressure to extend sanctions on Moscow, expanding military aid to Ukraine, and withdrawing from a major U.S.-Russia arms control treaty.

Joe Biden (D) Biden warns that Russia under … Putin is ‘assaulting the foundations of Western democracy’ … seeking to weaken NATO, divide the [EU] … and undermine the U.S. electoral system. … [and] warns of Russia using Western financial institutions to launder billions of dollars … [that Biden] says is … used to influence politicians.”

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