JRL NEWSWATCH: “Daily says Russian leaders’ ratings drop as they announce pension reform; Yelena Mukhametshina and Olga Churakova: President and premier’s ratings go back to what they were several years ago. Effective discussion of pension reform could halt decline in authorities’ popularity” – Vedomosti

File Photo of Dmitry Medvedev and Vladimir Putin with Heads Bowed Over Microphone

Vedomosti reports declining reported polling numbers for Russian President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, following announcements of pension reform.

According to polling numbers published June 22, 2018, FOM [Public Opinion Foundation] indicates:

  • Putin’s electoral rating fell from 62% to 54% in one week
  • those trusting Putin fell from 75% to 67%
  • Putin performance approval ratings fell from 75% to 69%
  • Medvedev performance approval ratings fell from 34% to 31% over the span of a week
  • those trusting Medvedev fell from 33% to 29%
  • 60% do not trust Medvedev
  • Medvedev performance approval ratings fell from 77% to 72%, similar to levels in early March, 2014, prior to the annexation of Crimea

[State-owned] VTsIOM also issued statements about changes.


According to VTsIOM [All-Russia Public Opinion Research Centre], trust in Putin decreased from 45.4 to 42 per cent (the worst result since December 2013), while the approval of his performance fell from 77.1 to 72.1 per cent (which is the level of early March 2014, prior to the incorporation of Crimea). Medvedev’s performance has the approval of 38.5 per cent, as opposed to 41.7 per cent a week earlier, while 44.7 per cent ([up from] 39.8 per cent) disapprove of it. The number of people disapproving of his performance exceeded the number of those approving it for the first time since May 2006. A quarter of Russians named the pension reform decision as the week’s main event, while 26 per cent named the soccer World Cup. …”

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