JRL NEWSWATCH AUDIO: “Former CIA Chief Of Russia Operations On Poisoning Of Putin’s Rival With Novichok” – NPR

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“… HALL: … it’s really not surprising at all that we’ve had this assassination attempt on a guy like Navalny. These are intelligence operations. It’s the Russian intelligence services that are responsible for doing this. But if you just look back at the history, I mean, it’s really amazing. … Skripal, of course, in the U.K. … [J]ust a year ago in Germany … Khangoshvili who was a Chechen … basically shot … walking in a park, by a Russian operative. … [Y]ou can go back as far as Trotsky to Mexico City, Markov, the famous poisoned umbrella. This is something that the Russians do on a regular basis. … [F]rankly, I’m just surprised … it’s taken them this long to act against Navalny. …” [additional quote below embedded audio]

United States Map“… [Y]ou always want to try to get … plans and intentions as to when the next Russian atrocity is going to happen. … [T]hey’ve already done it in the U.K. … in Germany. … [and] in some other European locations. The question is, will that ever come to the United States? … I would be trying to follow very carefully ….”

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