JRL NEWSWATCH: “Armenia PM announces snap polls to defuse crisis” – AFP


“… Armenia’s humiliating defeat at the hands of Azerbaijan’s technologically superior army spurred mass protests in the impoverished ex-Soviet republic on the borders of Turkey and Iran. Last month [Armenian Prime Minister Nikol ] Pashinyan fired the country’s most senior military official, accusing the army chief of staging a coup after he called on the prime minister to resign. … spark[ing] massive demonstrations … Pashinyan’s supporters and his opponents flooding the streets of the capital. …”Armenia Map

In an apparent effort to ease tensions, Pashinyan announced parliamentary elections scheduled for June 20, indicating the decision followed discussions with the opposition and President Armen Sarkisian. Calls for Pashinyan’s resignation have come since Armenia’s entry into a Russia-brokered peace deal in November to end fighting in Nagorno-Karabakh.

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