JRL NEWSWATCH: “Amid growing tensions with Russia, a push for meaningful dialogue” – Christian Science Monitor/Linda Feldmann

Stylized Russian and U.S. Flags, 200, 1807-2007

“… U.S.-Russian relations have only sunk into deeper distress … more sanctions, more diplomatic expulsions, more military clashes in Syria, and a growing sense that the entire U.S.-Russian arms-control regime is at risk.  * *  * For … Russian and American delegates here – [such as] retired diplomats, politicians, academics, clergy, doctors, and media, including this reporter – the prospect of a Trump-Putin summit gave … dialogue some extra juice. Perhaps, the thinking went, the group’s recommendations, later shared with a relevant senior government official, could help inform the summit’s agenda. Security measures topped the list, starting with an extension of the New START nuclear arms reduction treaty. Preserving the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty – currently at risk of unraveling – is also key. Ditto setting up regular bilateral scientific and military dialogues. … Infusing the discussion was a sense of unpredictability. …”

Click here for: “Amid growing tensions with Russia, a push for meaningful dialogue; As US-Russian relations reach new lows, “citizen diplomats” are stepping into the breach. The Monitor’s Linda Feldmann joined a group of former ambassadors and others in an effort to advance bilateral dialogue on key issues.” – Christian Science Monitor/Linda Feldmann