Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2015-#158 :: Friday 14 August 2015

Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2015-#158
14 August 2015

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1. TASS: Kiev authorities preparing to resolve Donbas conflict by military means – experts.
2. TASS: Kiev to impose martial law if situation in Donbas aggravates – security official.
3. The National Interest: Michael Kofman, Pulling Russia and Ukraine Back from the Brink of War. The West needs to proactively broker an agreement.
4. The Nation: Jared McBride, How Ukraine’s New Memory Commissar Is Controlling the Nation’s Past. Volodymyr Viatrovych was the driving force behind new laws that restrict free speech and regulate how history is written.
5. Nikolas Kozloff, Ukraine: In the Midst of War, Debate Swirls Around Soviet-Era Famine.
6. The Daily Mail (UK): Shocking pictures from inside neo-Nazi military camp reveal recruits as young as SIX are being taught how to fire weapons.
7. Interfax-Ukraine: Ukrainian prosecutor says 8,000 law enforcers, servicemen defected to rebels.
8. Interfax-Ukraine: Ukrainian shadow economy reaches 47% of GDP in Q1, 2015 – Economy Ministry.
9. Roger Annis, Ukrainians are Voting With Their Feet Against War and Economic Disaster.
10. Fort Russ/Boulevard Voltaire: Ukraine and the road to the fate of Yugoslavia.
11. Ukrainian uranium: ‘Nightmare’ situation brewing.
12. Facebook: Ivan Katchanovski, New Striking Revelations in the Maidan Massacre Trial are Again Ignored.
13. AFP: Ukraine bid to shut out Russia with border ‘wall’ falters.
14. Kyiv Post: Ukraine allows seven Crimean athletes to compete for Russia.
15. Sputnik: ‘Yeltsin Never Gave a Damn About Accepting Crimea Back Into Russia’
16. Russia Direct: Nikolay Shevchenko, Three historical principles of Russian foreign policy for Washington. History has shown countless times that Moscow will not observe any economic or security arrangement that the U.S. or its European allies craft without the participation of Russia. As a result, Washington should take greater steps to integrate, rather than isolate, Moscow.
17. Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs: David Speedie, “Soft Power”: The Values that Shape Russian Foreign Policy.
18. Russia Beyond the Headlines: TROIKA REPORT: Food cremation is symbol of Moscow’s defiance of the West. RBTH presents its weekly analytical program TROIKA REPORT, featuring a look at three of the most high-profile recent developments in international affairs.
19. Valdai Discussion Club: Alexei Mukhin, Cuba and US: Relations Resumed. What Next?
20. RFE/RL: Brian Whitmore, Panic In The Kremlin.
21. Interfax: Justice Ministry: 12 NGOs classed as foreign agents still have time to correct breaches.
22. Institute of Modern Russia: Georgy Satarov: ‘The Opposition Needs to Put the Authorities in Zugzwang’
23. Anna Nemtsova, American Paratroopers in Ukraine Have Putin Rattled. The Kremlin is worried about not just what the American troops are teaching the Ukrainians, but what they may be learning from them and the Donbas battlefield.
24. Andrea Chalupa, Ukraine Debt: Putin’s Trump Card. American retirees are inadvertently doing the Russian president’s dirty work.
25. Sputnik: Donald Trump Named as Kremlin Agent by Ukrainian ‘Enemy List’
26. George Will describes Bernie Sanders’ Soviet Union honeymoon.
27. ANNE APPLEBAUM AND EDWARD LUCAS, Putin’s News Network of Lies Is Just the Start.
28. ‘His face was totally burned’: Kursk submariner’s widow speaks with RT.
29. Gordon Hahn, WORKING PAPER – Violence, Coercion and Escalation in the Ukrainian Crisis and Civil War, Escalation Point 8 – ATO: Civil War or Putin’s War?

Map of Commonwealth of Independent States, European Portion

Map of Ukraine, Including Crimea, and Neighbors, Including Russia