Johnson’s Russia List :: 2014-#27 :: Sunday, 9 February 2014

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Johnson’s Russia List :: 2014-#27 :: 9 February 2013

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1. The Guardian: Sochi is to Putin what Berlin in 1936 was to Hitler, says Garry Kasparov. Russia’s former chess champion says Winter Olympics 2014 are all about Vladimir Putin’s cult of personality – ‘a one-man circus’
2. Moscow Times: Nina Khruscheva, Putin’s Pompous and Potemkin Olympic Games.
3. Mark Adomanis, Russia Just Recorded Its First Natural Population Growth Since The Collapse of The Soviet Union.
4. Reuters: Olympics -Russia’s Putin says Olympic preparations helped avoid crisis.
5. (Australia): Sochi’s shocking secret: It’s absolutely beautiful.
6. Interfax: Show during Sochi Olympics opening ceremony designed as story about Russia – author.
7. Los Angeles Times: David Wharton, From the first steppe, a thoroughly Russian showcase. With its barrage of traditional imagery, the Sochi Games’ opening ceremony aims to let viewers ‘experience this love of Russia.’
8. AP: A cultural guide to Sochi opening ceremony.
9. The Globe and Mail (Canada): Roy MacGregor, For young Russians, opening ceremony triggers exultant patriotism. Exceptional, extravagant, memorable: Olympic curtain-raiser will be remembered by Russians for a long time, which is as it should be.
10. The Guardian: Alan Yuhas, Mythbusting: Russia, Putin and why the Sochi Olympic Games matter. Outrage over gay rights and half-built hotels obscures a more nuanced picture of a country, its divisions and its leader.
11. The New Republic: Julia Ioffe, The Only People Harassing the Gays of Sochi are the Foreign Journalists.
12. At the opening ceremony next to Vladimir Putin sat bobsledder Irina Skvortsova. After a terrible accident she was forced to retire from professional sports, but wanted to get to the XXII Winter Games.
13. Kirill Karnovich-Valua, Why I cried during Sochi Olympics opening ceremony.
14. Financial Times: Christopher Caldwell, Foreign leaders’ judgment of Putin is hasty and harsh. Those who criticise him on Sochi focus on a short list of causes beloved of western elites.
15. Financial Times: Catherine Brown, How Russia’s writers saw the Caucasus.
16. RFE/RL: Tom Blamforth, It’s Bolotnaya, But Not As We Know It.
17. National Public Radio: When It Comes To Human Rights, Is Russia Moving Backward?
18. The Guardian: Anonymous members of Pussy Riot, We wish Nadia and Masha well – but they’re no longer part of Pussy Riot. It is harmful to the collective to confuse a campaign for prisoners’ rights with our all-female separatist art performances


19. The National Interest: Dimitri K. Simes, Paul J. Saunders, Foggy Bottom Phone Follies. The real problems with an intercepted phone call about Ukraine.
20. AFP: Tens of thousands gather in Kiev for new anti-Yanukovych protest.
21. The Globe and Mail (Canada): Doug Saunders, Ultra-right-wing movement has become sharp edge of Ukraine protests.
22. RIA Novosti: Ukraine On Terror Alert Amid Explosion Threats.
23. The Voice of Russia: Ukrainian crisis may help resolve deadlock in Russia-EU relations – expert. (Nadezhda Arbatova)
24. Samuel Charap, Ukraine’s False Choice. There are no winners in the geopolitical tug of war between Russia and the West.
25. Jack Matlock, Ukraine and the United States. Implications of Victoria Nuland’s Candid Remark.
26. What about apologizing to Ukraine, Mrs. Nuland? (transcript of phone calls)

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