Interfax: United Russia loses four district head elections in Tomsk Region

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TOMSK. Sept 14 (Interfax) – Four United Russia candidates failed to win district head elections in the Tomsk Region, the party’s Tomsk regional secretary Sergei Ilyinykh told an Interfax press conference on Monday.

“United Russia candidates won in six districts; independents won in four – Bakchar, Krivosheino, Zyryansky and Alexandrovsky,” he said.

There are several reasons why the party’s election campaign failed in these districts, he said.

“Our candidates in the Bakchar and Alexandrovsky Districts were not incumbents and sought voters’ support for the first time. Our candidates in the Krivosheino and Zyryansky Districts were incumbents, yet despite their obviously successful tenure, they failed to win because often people want a meeting, dialogue from a candidate. Not enough attention was paid to this work,” Ilyinykh said.

“This (talking to voters) is the weak spot that continues to remain the reason for the failure in a number of election campaigns at various levels,” he added.

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