Interfax: Truthfulness of evidence of oil smuggled to Turkey from terrorists-controlled areas raises no doubt – senator Ozerov

Federation Council file photo

MOSCOW. Dec 5 (Interfax) – Russia has no doubt about the credibility of the evidence it showed of oil supplies to Turkey from ISIL-controlled areas, said Viktor Ozerov, head of the Federation Council’s Defense and Security Committee.

“These are objective documents. With the system of capabilities that the U.S. and other NATO states have, joking and serving – to put in a not quite parliamentary parlance – a fake means undermining your authority and dignity. And had there been a slightest doubt, our Defense Ministry and Russia as a whole would not have been doing it,” Ozerov told Interfax on Saturday.

Today, means of reconnaissance than can detect the information Russia has provided are available, in particular, to the U.S. that has a much more potent space group, he said.

“And if we had not been certain that we were showing convoys of tank trucks belonging to the ISIL, which is banned in Russia, we probably would not done so,” Ozerov said.

He recalled that the Russian Defense Ministry said earlier that Russia has more evidence, in addition to what it has already shown, of such a scheme involving oil supplies to Turkey