Interfax: Target for U.S. missile shield in Europe still important issue, Russia sees it as threat – Kremlin spokesman

Mssile Defense Control Room

MOSCOW. May 12 (Interfax) – It is still important to clarify against whom the U.S.’ missile defense system in Europe is being deployed, Russian presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov said.

“It was first explained quite elaborately by a missile threat that could potentially emanate from Iran,” Peskov told journalists on Thursday. “Now we know that the Iran situation has changed radically. However, the question that has repeatedly been asked by Moscow, including by President Putin, has not become less relevant,” he said.

Russian President Vladimir Putin “has wondered on numerous occasions against whom this system will operate,” Peskov said.

“We’ve been saying since the very beginning of this story that, in the view of our experts – and we are certain about this – it can’t be denied that the deployment of a missile defense system [in Europe] does pose a threat to Russia’s security,” he said.

When asked whether the inauguration of a U.S. missile defense site in Europe would be discussed at a conference on military issues hosted by the president on Thursday, Peskov answered that this is not news to Moscow and it is perfectly aware of efforts toward activating the missile defense system in Europe.

“Certainly, all of our agencies responsible for ensuring defense and national security are perfectly aware of these plans, and the matter is not about whether some measures will be taken. Measures are being taken to ensure a necessary level of security for Russia,” Peskov said.

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