Interfax: State of public security in Russia is unstable, extremism is main source of threat – public security policy

Biryulyovo Riots file photo

MOSCOW. Nov 20 (Interfax) – The necessary level of public security has not been reached in Russia, says Russia’s public security policy that was approved by the president.

“The state of public security in Russia is characterized as unstable. Despite the efforts made by the state and society to combat crime and other illegal encroachments and prevent and contain emergencies, the necessary level of public security has not been reached yet,” the policy, which is available for viewing on the Russian presidential website, says.

The document describes the difficult situation with crime and the high level of terrorist threats on the territory of the Russian Federation, and calls for the realization of a set of measures in the sphere of counterterrorism.

“One of the main sources of threats to public security is the extremist activity pursued by nationalist, religious, ethnic, and other organizations and structures aimed at violating the unity and territorial integrity of the Russian Federation and destabilizing the internal political and social situation in the country,” the document says.

The spread of extremist tendencies amongst young people causes special concerns, the document says.

“Members of extremist organizations use new technologies, including the Internet, to disseminate extremist materials, attract new members, and coordinate illegal activities,” the document says.

Extremism prevention requires coordination of the work done by all state bodies and local self-government bodies, their interaction with civil society institutions, and the formation consolidated position on issues relating to the prevention of ethnic and religious conflicts, the document says.