Interfax: Russians mostly worried about economic problems, inflation and price rises – poll

File Photo of Older Russian Woman Shopping in Grocery Store

(Interfax – February 9, 2015) Economic problems and inflation rates leading to soaring prices are Russians’ biggest worries as mentioned by 23 percent and 22 percent of respondents respectively in a recent poll held by the Public Opinion Foundation.

Compared to December 2014, the share of Russians upset by economic problems has grown by 9 percent. The Foundation polled 1,600 adults in 132 populated regions.

High inflation rates and growing prices ranked second by their significance (22 percent).

Fourteen percent are worried about foreign political problems.

Ten percent are concerned by small salaries and low living standards, and the same number cites unemployment as their main worry. Eight percent mentioned the dependence of the national economy on natural resources and weak industries amongst essential problems.

Ongoing hostilities in Ukraine are a source of concern for 6 percent of Russians and the fall of the value of the ruble and healthcare problems upset 5 percent.

Four percent mentioned low pensions, shortcomings of the social policy, corruption, bureaucracy and substandard education.

High public utility tariffs were mentioned by 3 percent, and 2 percent pointed to poor roads and housing problems.

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