Interfax: Russian pollster says citizens increasingly concerned about rising dollar

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(Interfax – Moscow, October 27, 2014) Fourty-five per cent of Russian residents are now concerned about an increase in the dollar rate – this indicator has increased significantly compared with last year, when only 26 per cent of respondents worried about this, Levada Centre [independent research organization] sociologists have told Interfax.

At the same time, 52 per cent of Russian residents are not worried about this (68 per cent in 2013), according to the data of the poll conducted on 26-29 September among 1,630 people in 134 populations centres in 46 regions of the country. [Passage omitted]

In addition, 38 per cent of Russians are worried about possible restrictions on travelling abroad. [Passage omitted] But the majority (59 per cent) are not particularly concerned about this.

Responding to a relevant question by sociologists, 61 per cent of the poll participants said they were not concerned about the “strengthening of the state control over newspapers and magazines”. This issue is causing concern among 32 per cent.

“A possible ban on foreign currency in Russia” also doesn’t cause concern among 64 per cent of Russians. Thirty-one per cent worry about this.