Interfax: Russian MP: Eastern Partnership policy of amputation of post-Soviet states

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(Interfax – November 27, 2013) Pro-Kremlin United Russia MP Leonid Slutskiy has accused the EU of conducting a policy of “amputation” of post-Soviet countries from Russia-led alliances.

Privately-owned Interfax news agency quoted the chairman of the State Duma committee for CIS affairs and Eurasian integration saying in reference to the EU’s Eastern Partnership policy, specifically as regards Ukraine: “The European Partnership tactic is a tactic of overt amputation of post-Soviet countries from the Eurasian project, their ‘polarization’ in the western direction as semi-colonies.”

Slutskiy said that in the run-up to the Eastern Partnership summit in Vilnius the EU and the USA have subjected Ukraine to “unprecedented” pressure.

Slutskiy was reported saying that the USA was seeking a unipolar world order, hence its “reaction” to Ukraine’s decision to suspend preparations for an association agreement with the EU.

“The fact that Ukraine took the liberty to slow down, or make a departure from the line dictated by the EU is seen by certain forces in Washington as deserving punishment,” said Slutskiy.

Slutskiy said that using the EU the United States was trying to subjugate countries.