Interfax: Russian air force operates in interest of 11 Syrian opposition units

Syria Map

(Interfax – January 11, 2016)

The Russian Aerospace Forces aviation group has carried out dozens of air strikes in support of the offensive conducted by 11 detachments of the Syrian democratic opposition fighting against terrorists in Syria, head of the Main Operative Department of the Russian Armed Forces General Staff Lt. Gen. Sergei Rudskoi told reporters on Jan. 11.

“Russian aviation is giving its support to patriotic forces fighting against international terrorists in the Syrian territory. Today our warplanes carry out strikes in the interests of 11 units of the democratic opposition, more than 7,000 strong,” Rudskoi said.

The Russian Aerospace Forces carried out 19 airstrikes supporting the detachments of the Jaish Ahrar Al-Ashair group (Army of Free Tribes) that is a part of the Southern Front of the Free Syrian Army over a few past days, he said.

There is an increasing number of detachments of the Syrian democratic opposition that is ready to engage in the fight against terrorists in Syria, Sergei Rudskoi told.

The ‘Surein’ and ‘Chelobia’ detachments expanded the territories freed from terrorists, moving from the east and west of the dam over the Euphrates near Mehshiyet et-Tavahin, Jubb al Hamzah, Arbaa Segir, Judaida, al-Ahmar.

“The ‘Lions of the East’ and ‘Qalamoun’ units in the southern vector, supported by our aviation, advanced by more than 50 kilometers in the course of their offensive towards Palmyra, taking populated areas of Zaza, Qessarah and the town of Mhasse. The units of the Syrian democratic forces currently go on developing their success in all the vectors,” Rudskoi said.

“The work aimed to combine efforts of all the forces interested in the liberation of Syria from international terrorists resulted in the constant increase of the number of units of the patriotic opposition,” he said. “We are convinced that it’s only by way of joining efforts of the actual Syrian government and other patriotic forces that one can achieve an ultimate victory over terrorism,” Rudskoi said.