Interfax: Russia should not interfere in events in Ukraine – United Russia

Russian Naval Vessel in Ukrainian Port

MOSCOW. Dec 3 (Interfax) – Russia should have tact and not try to give instructions to Ukraine on how to act in the situation of continuing protests in Ukraine, Andrei Klimov, deputy chairman of the Federation Council committee on international affairs and a member of the United Russia General Council presidium, said.

“Further development of the situation depends on the wisdom, promptness, and effectiveness of the current Ukrainian administration,” the United Russia website reported Klimov as saying.

Klimov believes the Ukrainian authorities should explain to people why “all the leaders of this country” in the past few months “called for accession to the European Union, the so-called ‘European choice,’ and then sharply changed their mind.”

He did not rule out that staff decisions may be needed to resolve this situation.

The senator also spoke against direct interference in the situation by Russia.

“It’s a choice made by Ukrainian society, the people of Ukraine, and their state administration. It’s a sovereign country. It would be strange if we told them what to do. They should make their own decisions. We should have tact and should not give anyone extra reasons to accuse Moscow of what we are not doing,” Klimov said.

Klimov said the Ukrainian authorities “pursued very strange policies, which were reminiscent of a pendulum,” in the past year. “When this pendulum resonated to the entire Ukrainian society, it’s not surprising that it began ‘boiling’ again and, as it always happens in Ukraine, turned out to be divided,” the senator said.

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