Interfax: Russia is not telling West to live according to its patterns; it has many allies in advocating traditional values – Pushkov

Alexei Pushkov file photo

MOSCOW. Dec 23 (Interfax) – Chairman of the State Duma International Affairs’ Committee Alexei Pushkov believes that Russia has many allies in West European countries in advocating traditional values.

“Russia is not suggesting that Western societies live according to our patterns but advocates the right of all countries and societies to live the way they find necessary instead of becoming targets of aggressive exports of values of the radical liberal revolution. Here we have very many allies, in West European countries included,” he said in an interview published by the daily Izvestia on Monday.

Pushkov thinks that the declarations about the advisory nature of the new requirements in the sphere of public morals should not be trusted.

“Today they are advisory and tomorrow they may become mandatory. Brussels, for instance, has sent a memorandum to its mission already strongly advising diplomats to take part in gay parades,” he said.

Pushkov said that Russia no longer remains outside of the process. “Look at the hysteria around the so-called harassment of gays which also affected the Olympiad in Sochi. This is pure politics having nothing to do with the true state of affairs,” he said.

Pushkov gave the example of Moldova that “was bound to organize regular gay parades as a condition for signing the Association Agreement with the EU.” “The same would have soon suggested to Kyiv, if it had agreed to take the road of association,” Pushkov said.

In his opinion, the reasons for imposing unconventional values and relations lie in the high activeness of the sexual minorities and the existence of their rich sponsors.

“LGBT activists have succeeded in winning to their side a significant part of the public opinion, primarily the press. And politicians cannot go against the sympathies of voters. Besides, the West is adopting the false understanding of progress as sexual freedom limited by nothing. However, in fact we see an attempt to change the very foundation of human civilization,” Pushkov said.

He noted that the West is developing and introducing a new ideology that is opposed to traditional Christian morals, “accelerated de-Christianization is under way under the slogan of forming an indivisible global world without borders, in particular, between sexes.”

“The objective is to develop a qualitatively new society with no states, borders, moral norms or foundations of civilization. That is a certain common economic space should emerge where free individuals without nationality will be roaming allegedly protected by certain norms of law but being objects of merciless manipulation, stripped of links to their land, history, religion or family in the civilized meaning of the word,” Pushkov believes.