Interfax: Putin: Christmas serves to unite millions on the basis of common spiritual values and traditions

Russian Orthodox Believers Holding Candles at Cathedral at Christmas

Moscow, January 7, Interfax – President Vladimir Putin has greeted Orthodox Christians, all Russian citizens celebrating Christmas, the Kremlin press service reported on Tuesday.

“This lightsome holiday nourishes the kindest of feelings and intensions and serves to unite millions of people on the basis of common spiritual values and historical traditions of which mutual respect and accord, mercy and care for one’s neighbor are inseparable parts,” his message of greeting says.

“The Russian Orthodox Church, representatives of other Christian creeds in Russia take active and creative part in the life of the country and society, promote the worthy upbringing of the younger generation, support the family, motherhood and childhood paying tireless attention to preserving our unique cultural legacy and to matters of education and charity,” the message says.

[featured image is file photo of past Russian Orthodox service, not necessarily directly related to article subject matter]