Interfax: Pushkov criticizes West for not reacting to info on use of chemical weapons against Kurds

Alexei Pushkov file photo

MOSCOW. Oct 30 (Interfax) – Alexei Pushkov, the head of the State Duma committee on international affairs, said he was outraged by the fact that western governments have not reacted to reports on the use of chemical weapons by rebels in Syria against Syrian Kurds.

“According to information received from Syrian Kurds, the rebels used chemical weapons against them in the northern part of the country. However, the Western press and governments are not concerned by that,” Pushkov said on Twitter on Wednesday.

According to the Lebanese television channel Al Mayadeen, Syrian rebels used chemical weapons against Kurds in the northeastern part of the country near the Turkish border. According to Al Mayadeen, the attack occurred on the second day of the fighting for the city of Al Hasaka.

The Syrian administration is now working with the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) and is destroying chemical weapons on the territory of Syria. According to the schedule proposed by OPCW, Syria is to destroy all facilities used in the production and delivery of chemical weapons by November 1 and fully destroy its toxic substance arsenals by summer 2014.