Interfax: Public Chamber wants certain websites to be checked for xenophobic propaganda

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MOSCOW. Nov 11 (Interfax) – Secretary of the Russian Public Chamber Yevgeny Velikhov has asked head of the federal communications, information technology and mass media oversight service Roskomnadzor Alexander Zharov to check several websites suspected of engaging in the propaganda of xenophobia and racial hatred.

The websites in question are “Sputnik i Pogrom” and “Pravoviye Novosti”, according to Velikhov’ letter to Zharov.

“I would like to draw your attention to a number of websites that regularly carry reports that are at odds with the strategic priorities of the state policy of integration in the Eurasian region and with the constitution, and abound in anti-migrant, xenophobic and anti-Caucasus calls and insults,” the letter says.

These website incite racial, ethnic and linguistic enmity, and provoke ethnic conflicts and extremist sentiment, it says.

“We would like these websites to be checked and appropriate measures taken if abuses are uncovered,” Velikhov said.