Interfax: Over 265,000 people receive Russian citizenship in 2016, renunciation cases exceptional – Interior Ministry

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MOSCOW. April 20 (Interfax) – The instances in which people file applications to give up Russian citizenship are very rare, Olga Kirillova, the head of the Russian Interior Ministry’s Main Migration Department, said on Wednesday.

“The instances in which people give up Russian citizenship are negligible,” Kirillova told reporters.

Valentina Kazakova, deputy head of the Main Migration Department, said over 265,000 people received Russian citizenship in 2016.

“As for a wish to leave the country, Russian citizens, as a rule, leave temporarily for work purposes. And this clearly seen from the tendencies in reports of second citizenship or residence permits abroad. Of course, the number of people who leave Russia is much lower than the number of those who come into the country,” Kazakova said.