Interfax: MP Pushkov blames “unbridled capitalism” for frequent plane crashes in Russia

Alexei Pushkov file photo

MOSCOW. Nov 19 (Interfax) – State Duma Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Alexei Pushkov has blamed frequent aircraft accidents in Russia on the antisocial type of capitalism that appeared in the country under the influence of a liberal economy.
“Airplanes tend to crash in our country quite often because the liberal economy generated a special kind of capitalism in Russia that is super-predatory, unbridled and antisocial,” Pushkov said on his Twitter page on November 18.

Pushkov said in the next tweet that “all the airplanes that crash and all the vessels that sink belong to privately owned companies, which try to squeeze profit from outdated hardware and economize our lives,” he said.

Tatarstan Airlines’ Boeing 737 passenger jet crashed as it prepared to land at Kazan Airport on November 17, killing all 44 passengers and six crew onboard. Investigators are examining several possible causes, which include pilot error and a technical malfunction.