Interfax: Matviyenko: Kyiv zombies people by Hollywood videos of Russian tanks

Valentina Matviyenko file photo

MOSCOW. July 8 (Interfax) – Federation Council Chairperson Valentina Matviyenko has accused the Ukrainian authorities of unleashing an information campaign against Russia and stated the appearance of political prisoners in Ukraine.

“Ukrainian residents are being zombied by claims that this is the fight for a just cause, the fight against Russia which has waged a war and some Hollywood videos of moving Russian tanks,” she told reporters in Moscow on Tuesday.

“There are lots of political prisoners there. People have a fear which derives from such actions,” Matviyenko said.

Ukraine is seeing “hysterical Russophobe propaganda,” she said. “People are being zombied, they are told that Russia has waged a war on Ukraine and Russian troops are fighting in the southeast.”

The Ukrainian authorities are doing so to justify their actions, “to find at least some arguments to support the punitive operation against their own people,” the speaker said.

Russia has offered the OSCE and the Ukrainian Border Service to deploy their representatives at border checkpoints, Matviyenko said. They could see “there is a one-way movement from Ukraine of people who have not been provided with humanitarian corridors as of yet and there is no movement of our armed forces to Ukraine, our troops or some representatives of Russia, there is nothing of the sort,” she stated.

“Even under these circumstances we are hearing unfounded accusations of Russia,” she said.