Interfax: Lawyers of Lebedev, Khodorkovsky think their clients could be rehabilitated, repaid legal costs

Platon Lebedev

(Interfax – January 29, 2014) Former Menatep CEO Platon Lebedev could try to get his confiscated property returned and also receive compensation for moral damages inflicted on him during the criminal prosecution over the first Yukos case.

“Due to the cancellation of the guilty verdict in the part of the conviction under the Russian Criminal Code Article 315 Part 33 Section 2 (regarding the Wilton company and the Volna company) and the termination of the criminal case in this section due to the lack of elements of the crime in the action, you have the right for rehabilitation,” the Russian Supreme Court said in a notification in Lebedev’s name posted on Wednesday on the website of Lebedev and his former business partner, former Yukos CEO Mikhail Khodorkovsky.

It concerns the repayment of property damages, eliminating the consequences of moral harm and restoring labor, pension, residence and other rights, the document said.

According to the notification, Lebedev can have his confiscated property returned or turned into the profit of the state, fines, litigation costs and the funds he lost due to the criminal prosecution.

“You have the right to submit a request for the repayment of property damage to Moscow’s Meshchansky court. You have the right to file a lawsuit for monetary compensation for moral damage inflicted under civil legal proceedings,” the document said.

The defense of former Yukos executives Khodorkovsky and Lebedev insists that they should be acquitted completely over the two criminal cases, the press office of the two said.

“Of course, better late than never and partial rehabilitation is better than nothing but we have raised the legitimate question of repealing both sentences, complete acquittal and admitting the right of Khodorkovsky and Lebedev for rehabilitation over all falsified charges. This has not happened for now but the fight can not be considered over,” the press office quoted Lebedev’s attorney Vladimir Krasov as saying.