Interfax: Law regarding corruption could be amended – Ivanov

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BARNAUL. Dec 8 (Interfax) – Amendments related to the confiscation of bribe-takers’ property could be added to the law, Russian presidential administration head Sergei Ivanov said.

“I will not anticipate the events but certain amendments could probably be added to the law,” Ivanov said in an interview with the NTV TV channel on Sunday.

The confiscation institution in Russia does not work efficiently enough now, Ivanov said.

“It can be concluded freely for now that bribe-takers hide their income better than law enforcement authorities find it. Of course, our confiscation institution works very weakly,” the administration head said.

People say fairly that quite often this or that person, not necessarily an official, is held liable, court proves this and the individual turns our to be “poor as a church mouse,” Ivanov said.

“All the mansions, estate and shares are even registered for a person known but it is impossible [to confiscate the property] because it is necessary to prove that people, who re-registered it for themselves, were aware at the moment when they were re-registering that this property was stolen. If, figuratively speaking, the mansion was re-registered for an auntie two days prior to the arrest, it is no coincidence probably,” Ivanov said.