Interfax: Iranian president actively seeking solutions to domestic, foreign issues – Russian ambassador to Iran

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MOSCOW. Jan 3 (Interfax) – New Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is actively looking for solutions to his country’s problems on the domestic and international arena, Russian Ambassador to Iran Levan Dzhagarian says.

“As I see from the Iranian perspective, Rouhani is making quite a lot of efforts so as to find mutually acceptable solutions to the existing problems, and he has so far been successful,” Dzhagarian said in an interview with Interfax when asked what changes have occurred in Iran’s domestic and foreign policy since Rouhani and the new Iranian government came to power.

“We see constructive interaction between the executive and other branches of government in Iran, and Iran has intensified dialogue with a lot of Western partners to broaden bilateral cooperation,” he said.

At the same time, the Russian ambassador noted that he is not inclined to anticipate any significant changes in Tehran’s policy at the present time.

“First, Rouhani’s team has in fact only started to work, it was put together just several months ago, and it has yet to tackle quite a lot of difficult government problems both inside the country and on the international arena,” Dzhagarian said.

“Second, it is no secret that it is the supreme leader of the IRI who has the final say in making any political decisions in Iran, and, in my view, he will not radically review his positions on governance matters in the new future,” he said.

“Time will show how the situation in Iran and around it will develop,” he said.

Asked how Moscow’s relations with the new Iranian leadership are developing, Dzhagarian replied that “the Russian Federation is willing to work with any legitimate Iranian government, regardless of a political orientation it adheres to,” he said.

“Political dialogue has always played an important role in our countries’ bilateral agenda, and I can say openly that, after Rouhani’s coming to power, nothing has changed essentially. Our Iranian partners are interested in maintaining this dialogue at a high level, and Moscow welcomes this attitude in every possible way,” he said.

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