Interfax: Committee for the Salvation of Ukraine believes there will be no peace in Ukraine with its current political administration

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MOSCOW. Aug 3 (Interfax) – Mykola Azarov, the head of the Committee for the Salvation of Ukraine and former prime minister of Ukraine, believes peace and accord cannot be established in Ukraine without changing its political administration.

“The Committee for the Salvation of Ukraine believes that it is impossible to establish peace, accord, development and provide people with minimal social standards without changing the country’s political administration,” Azarov told a press conference in Moscow on Monday.

“The Committee has made a unanimous decision to nominate Volodymyr Oleinyk for president of Ukraine. I have known him personally for twenty years, he has already been nominated and he has been a parliamentarians many times. He is a patriot, we trust him,” Azarov said.

Azarov said the Committee is thus giving the people of Ukraine an alternative. “The situation in the country, which this regime of terror, intimidation and censorship has created, has made most people, journalists and political scientists who are in opposition leave the country,” he said.

“We have been framed. To our great regret, the Committee is being created outside of Ukraine, but I have no doubts that we will return and will be able to fulfill our obligations to the people of Ukraine. We assume liability for ensuring peace, stability and development in the country,” Azarov said.

Azarov said current members of the Committee, whose names cannot be disclosed for security reasons, are now in Ukraine, too.

“I am confident that the full composition of the committee will be presented fully over time. It comprises patriots and professionals who are not related to the current regime,” Azarov said.