Fewer than Half of Russians Value Competitive Elections or Freedom of Religion or Speech, Pew Research Reports

Screenshot of Video at https://twitter.com/CurrentTimeTv/status/1171888101989539842 showing man punching another man in the stomach at Russian polling place while second man was looking down at mobile device

(Window on Eurasia – Paul Goble)

Staunton – Only 40 percent of Russians value competitive elections and only 23 percent consider it important that opposition parties can operate freely, according to a conducted by Pew Research (pewresearch.org/global/2020/02/27/democratic-rights-popular-globally-but-commitment-to-them-not-always-strong/ in newtimes.ru/articles/detail/191401?fcc).

The Russian figures in this regard are significantly lower than in most of the other countries surveyed, but what is particularly worrisome is that the share of Russians who consider competitive elections important has fallen by 17 percent since the last such survey was conducted in 2015.

Sixty-three percent of Russians say that a just court system is important, 54 percent back gender equality, and 42 percent believe people should have the freedom to choose their religion. But only 45 percent consider freedom of speech important, only 38 percent consider freedom of the press important and only 40 percent view Internet freedom that way.

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