Elena Gapova: “Re: [SEELANGS] Russian Scientists Instructed to Report on Foreign Colleagues”

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Subject: Re: [SEELANGS] Russian Scientists Instructed to Report on Foreign Colleagues
Date: Thu, 22 Aug 2019
From: Elena Gapova <e.gapova@GMAIL.COM>
Reply-To: SEELANGS: Slavic & East European Languages and Literatures list <SEELANGS@LISTSERV.UA.EDU>

Ministerstvo Justicii announced that this ‘ruling” had never been submitted for expertise (and without the verdict of the Ministry, laws pertaining to citizens rights cannot be adopted), while the Kremlin (through its press secretary) said that it is ‘bewildered’ by the ruling and considers it stupid: https://www.gazeta.ru/science/2019/08/14_a_12578293.shtml

So ‘the law” seems to be illegitimate.

Elena Gapova

On Thu, 22 Aug 2019 at 08:59, John Dunn <John.Dunn@glasgow.ac.uk> wrote:

These recommendations, which date back to February, though they have only recently entered the public domain, have been widely discussed in the Russian media. The full text of the recommendations (officially they are recommendations, rather than instructions) and an open letter to the Ministry of Education can he found here:

Иностранец? Снимай часы! – Троицкий вариант – НаукаВ утвержденных этим приказом рекомендациях имеется, на мой взгляд, ряд ограничений и несуразностей, препятствующих научным контактам с нашими зарубежными коллегами и чреватых ущербом престижу нашей страны и ее …

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