DPRK nuclear tests may prompt other states to quit non-proliferation regime – expert

North Korea Map and Flag

MOSCOW. Feb 12 (Interfax) – North Korean nuclear tests endanger regional and global security, Carnegie Moscow Center Nuclear Non-Proliferation Program Coordinator Pyotr Topychkanov said.

“If Japan and South Korea obtain convincing evidence to support the development of nuclear weapons in North Korea, violations of the non-proliferation regime may start in the region. For instance, Japan may be prompted to acquire nuclear arms,” he said.

North Korean nuclear tests “play against Russian interests,” the expert said. “Tension escalates on our eastern borders. The United States will continue to build up its military force in the Pacific region in retaliation against the nuclear tests of Pyongyang, which will create potential threats to our country,” Topychkanov said.

Another potential threat posed by North Korean nuclear tests is the possible engagement of foreign specialists, including specialists from Iran, he said.

“Iran declares adherence to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. The treaty prohibits it to conduct nuclear tests on the national territory. But participation in nuclear tests in other countries is not ruled out,” the expert said.

That was the technique chosen by the United Kingdom, which did not make tests on its home territory. but took part in U.S. tests instead, he said.

By the number of nuclear tests, North Korea is close to India and Pakistan, which have done approximately six nuclear blasts each, Topychkanov said.