Dorenko returns to Ekho Moskvy

Kremlin and St. Basil's

(Interfax – MOSCOW, August 19, 2013) Journalist Sergei Dorenko said he is glad to be back on Ekho Moskvy radio, but currently has no plans to stay there for a long time and is still hoping to open his own radio station.

“No plans were discussed today, but I saw that (Ekho Moskvy editor-in-chief) Alexei Venediktov has put me on the air for September. On one hand, I am thankful to him, but on the other hand I am somewhat concerned, although I’m glad that I have his support,” Dorenko told Interfax on Monday after his first live morning broadcast on Ekho Moskvy after a long interval.

At the same time, Dorenko said he is still hoping to open his own radio station despite the warm reception at Ekho Moskvy. He also confirmed that he is working free of charge.

Speaking about the broadcast, Dorenko reiterated that he was happy to go back to Ekho Moskvy, where he co-hosted and appeared on programs for several years before taking the post of editor-in-chief and host of the radio station Russia News Service. “Those walls that I love, where I was when I was banned. Ekho has always supported me,” the journalist said.

Dorenko said the one and a half month interval in his work has not had a big impact on his work. “I have only been without work for 1.5 months. However, of course, I have never had such a long vacation. It was okay, I tried for the first thirty minutes, and then everything went well,” he said.

It was reported earlier that Dorenko would host the program Utrenniy Razvorot on Ekho Moskvy for two weeks, on August 19-30. The journalist told Interfax he does not plan on getting any money or signing a contract of employment, but plans “to work as an intern in this period.”

In late July, Dorenko made a decision to leave the Russian News Service, where he was editor-in-chief and host of the program Podyem. It happened after the decision to appoint Aram Gabrelyanov to the post of general director of the radio station was announced.