Andrei Liakhov: “Turkey”

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Subject: Turkey
Date: Tue, 24 Nov 2015
From: Andrei Liakhov <>

Erdogan has chosen to support ISIS and is using his security service and party apparatus to facilitate his business with ISIS. ISIS was originally financed by Al Qadi, a known AL Qaeda financier who financed attacks on twin towers. Until 2010 Al Qadi was on every sanctions list possible from the UN to Russia, but his lawyers and exceptionally fat wallet did the trick and he was taken off the lists. He had several meetings with Erdogan in 2011-2014 (not aware of any meets this year) either at his residence or at private home of a trusted businessman with whom Erdogan’s son (present in the meetings) had dealings for ever. 167 pipes were built along Turkish – Syrian border where the contraband oil was being pumped into the Turkish oil pipeline system and bought by Al Qadi at the port of Ceyhan.

Erdogan is also partly responsible for the Syrian crisis – his quarrel with Bashir contributed to the spin given by the local media to the initial incident at Homes where the troubles started.

What is to be done? EU and NATO should clearly side with us to stop this Hitler Mk2 from re-creating the Ottoman Empire with ISIS’d help. Defeat of ISIS and Islamic radicalism generally would take the the tools from Erdogan and he will not be able to fulfill his dream.

This is what MUST be done to avert a global disaster.


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