Acting Moscow Mayor’s Election Documents Complete – Officials

Sergei Sobyanin file photo

(RIA Novosti – Moscow, August 19, 2013) Moscow mayoral candidate Sergey Sobyanin has provided the full set of documents for registration in the election of Moscow city chief and was registered in total accordance with the law, a spokesperson for the Moscow city electoral commission told RIA Novosti on Monday (19 August).

Moscow mayoral nominee from the RPR-Parnas party Aleksey Navalnyy wrote in his LiveJournal that Sobyanin did not provide the full set of documents during registration.

“Candidate Sergey Semenovich Sobyanin has provided the full set of documents required for registration (as a candidate for Moscow mayor), which is why the Moscow city electoral commission registered him. We have no issues with the documents that have been submitted. The candidate is registered in full compliance with the electoral laws,” the agency’s interlocutor said.

(In his LiveJournal post (, Navalnyy said that Sobyanin did not submit written consent from the president to be registered in the election, as is required by the law. Navalnyy thus said that the if the Moscow electoral commission did not provide the document in question by 0700 gmt 20 August, he would file a lawsuit seeking to have Sobyanin’s registration as a candidate cancelled.

Later, Sobyanin’s campaign managers said that they had fulfilled all necessary requirements. The press-secretary of his election headquarters, Yevgeniya Stepochkina, told the website ( that “Sobyanin filed a statement in which he sought the president’s consent to be nominated for Moscow mayor. And Sobyanin got the consent, which was submitted to the Moscow electoral commission a month ago”.)